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    M's Freestone Boot


    Defined by proven support, determined traction and rugged durability, the time-tested Freestone® Boot powers through a full range of wading conditi...

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    Tiemco 200R - 25 Pack


    A straight-eye nymph and dry-fly hook that incorporates a gradually sloped bend to better imitate certain insects. Because this design is 3X-long w...

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    Tiemco 2302 - 25Pack

    from $8.50

    A versatile design for stoneflies, caddis and hopper flies, as well as nymphs. It features a straight eye and slightly curved, 2X-long shank. The W...

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    Tiemco 2499Spbl -25 Pack

    from $11.95

    This curved short shank hook based on TMC2488 has 2X heavy wire same with TMC2457 for added strength. This features SPR-Barbless point. Great for e...

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    Tiemco 3761 - 25 Pack

    from $7.35

    The same basic design as the TMC 3769, but this hook is 1X long for tying more extended nymph patterns and is available in a wider size range. Sp...

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