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  • Umpqua

    Prince Nymph - Bead Head


    A true classic that is still as popular today as it was 20 years ago. A go-to fly for many anglers and a must have in the fly box.

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    Copper John

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    The Copper John is a popular and effective pattern that has taken a stronghold in the fly fishing world. This fly sinks quickly and can be used as ...

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  • Umpqua

    Prince Nymph - ( Umpqua) - Blue Quill Angler


    A time tested pattern that is a must for any serious fly fisherman. This is the go-to fly for most rivers, especially the Roaring Fork.


    Sparkle Prince - ( SOLITUDE FLY)


    The prince nymph is a timeless fly for good reason - it flat out produces fish. Add some purple and flash, and you have a recipe for a great fly.


    Tungsten Iron Sally - ( UMPQUA)


    It's not actually iron, but it does have enough weight to get itself down to the fishy level. This stonefly will make the fish shake in their scales!


    Tungsten Yellow Sallie Nymph - ( SOLITUDE FLY)


    This is a great little stonelfy nymph that works well in most of our Western rivers, especially the Blue, South Platte and the Arkansas.