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  • Umpqua

    Bett'S Standard Z-Lon


    Z–Lon is a versatile synthetic fiber for spinner wings, sparkle dun shucks, caddis emerger cases, tails and wings. It can be used as a replacement ...

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  • Umpqua

    Bett'S Z-Lon Kinky


    Kinky Z-lon is a synthetic material that has many uses. Very crinkly it can be used as wing material or as a very coarse dubbing. Makes nice emerge...

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    D-Rib - Medium


    Stretchy material in a half round, "D" shape that is perfect for bodies and ribbing.


    EP Crab & Shrimp Eyes


    Perfect Eyes for your crab, shrimp, and any other crustacean pattern. These are Mono Eyes, with painted epoxy ends.


    Mfc Barred Sexi Floss - Medium


    The MFC Barred Sexi Floss is a speckeled floss, that eliminates having to mark up with permanent marker. Sexi-Floss is a crinkly spandex, dyed to t...

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    Mfc Barred Sexi Floss - Small


    The same quality material you have come to love in Spanflex with a barred effect. No more coloring required.


    Redington Rise Iii Reel

    from $219.95

    The all new RISE continues Redington's ongoing quest to think beyond the bounds of traditional reel designs. It features a u-shaped large-arbor and...

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    Sow-Scud Dubbing


    A blend of natural and synthetic fibres. Great for Czech nymphs, shrimps and similar imitations.


    Tungsten G6 Caddis


    This caddis imitation is a great pattern for all of our local water and others across the states. The tungsten bead helps it get down fast and can ...

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    Utc Ultra Wire


    Non-tarnishing copper wire used for ribbing, weight, flash, wire bodies and dubbing brushes.