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    Brass Beads - Solid - 100 Pack

    from $5.00

    The Blue Quill Angler is offering these quality brass beads at wholesale prices but in larger quantities. Brass beads come in packs of 100. Buy the...

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    Cone Heads - Brass


    The tapered head design is relatively snag free and offers little casting resistance. By using a brightly polished (gold, nickel, or copper plated)...

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  • Umpqua

    Copper John - Barr


    The Copper John is a popular and effective pattern that has taken a stronghold in the fly fishing world. This fly sinks quickly and can be used as ...

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    Copper John Jig Nymph


    Most anglers have a Copper John or two rolling around the fly box. Some have entire rows dedicated to this workhorse of a nymph. There''s a reason ...

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  • High Camp Designs

    Firelight 375 Flask


    With 1-full sized tumbler and measuring in at 375ml, the Firelight 375 keeps your favorite cocktail at the perfect temperature all day long. Design...

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    This is a thin flexible tinsel with marabou like action. Super popular as body and skirting material on many flies.


    Krystal Flash


    This is a great material for adding a little life to your flies. Add to tails of woolly buggers, underwings of caddis and stimulators as well as bo...

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  • Lagartun

    Lagartun Wire


    Lagartun Wire is as good as it gets. You will find this wire smooth, strong and will not tarnish. Made in France


    Murdich Mini Minnow


    This minnow pattern is perfect for a variety of species. Bass will inhale it, trout can't resist it, and even pike will have trouble refusing this ...

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    Parrott's Devil Jig Nymph


    We have been waiting for this one for a while!!!! When Steve said he had sent this pattern to Umpqua and they had decided to carry it, the exciteme...

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