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    Hen Neck - ( WAPSI) - Blue Quill Angler


    Hen Necks make great spent wings and parachute posts. Also, try them on your smallest soft hackles for life-like action


    Ostrich Plumes - ( WAPSI) - Blue Quill Angler


    Premium plumes with super long fluffy hearl. Polular for gilled nymphs, tails, bodys, colars and salmon fly butts. This is a very versatile material.


    Rabbit Dubbing - ( WAPSI) - Blue Quill Angler


    Wapsi Rabbit Dubbing is the bread and butter of dubbings. Longer hair makes it even easier to dub. Perfect for nymph and dry fly bodies. Super buggy!!


    Sob-Czech Jig - ( FULLING MILL)


    Trick hungry fish with the Sob-Czech, a versatile fly pattern that mimics grubs and larvae.


    Antonio's Superman Caddis


    Antonio's Superman Caddis truly does its name justice on our rivers as well as Krypton. The parachute style of this pattern yields a high floating ...

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