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    Glass Beads - X-Small


    The perfect bead for tying midges like the Pearl Jam, Periwinkle and any other small flies that require a small bead. Pat Dorsey's Mercury series a...

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    Hareline Hare Ice Dub


    A perfect mix of Hare’s Ear and Ice Dub to create buggy flies with a little flash built in.


    Ice Dub


    The perfect dubbing for that extra flash. Great for hot spots and body materials


    Midge Krystal Flash


    Add the perfect amount of flash for those smaller midges and emergers.


    Midge Tubing


    This material is super easy to work with and makes great segmented bodies on small to medium size flies like midge larva and mayfly nymphs.


    Pearl Chenille


    This is a strong dense chenille made of pearl mylar. Very similar to Estaz chenille. Approximately 10 feet per package

  • Umpqua

    Soft Hackle J - Tungsten Bead


    This is one the best patterns we have fished in a while with a disco tungsten bead and flash on the wing. Works great as a dropper fly in a dry/dr...

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    Utc Midge Sparkle Braid


    Midge Sparkle Braid for midges, nymphs, caddis pupae, and small streamers. Great for tying the Pearl Jam or any other small midge patterns where yo...

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    Utc Mini Sparkle Braid


    Mini (midge) Sparkle Braid is a smaller version of the regular sparkle braid. It makes easy bright bodies and is great for ribbing. Killer for midg...

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