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The Blue Quill Angler and Nomadic Waters have teamed up for a trip of a lifetime to the Brazilian Amazon. A Nomadic Waters Expedition to the Rio Negro River is one of the most unique adventures in the world. This world-class experience includes living aboard one of the finest motherships in the Amazon, eating delicious Brazilian food, and being guided by a top notch group of Nomadic Waters professional guides.

A trip to the Amazon is a life-changing experience! The accommodations are aboard the incredible yacht Umuarama.  23' wide and 122' long, she holds everything you could possibly want from a mothership. 3 levels include multiple bars, inside dining, an entertainment room with TV, and an observation deck. It has 6 standard cabins,  2 small cabins and 2 double occupancy cabins. All staterooms have A/C, private bath and WI-FI.

Guests have the opportunity to fish for some of the jungle's most exotic fish, including multiple species of peacock bass, arowana, wolf fish, and more. Each morning two guests and a guide head into the jungle for the day, then return to the Mothership at night for appetizers and dinner. Expect to see (and hear) Macaws every day. In the Rio Negro you will literally see a dozen or more a day migrating between their roosts. Green Parrots are everywhere, as are Caiman, Spider Monkeys and Howler Monkeys. If you stop fishing and look closely, you can see Toucans almost every day, but they are silent and can hide extremely well.

October 29 - November 6, 2023


-Travel day on October 28; Arrive early morning on Oct. 29th. Brief rest at the hotel and depart for the jungle early that afternoon.


-Travel day on October 27th; Arrive early morning on Oct. 28th. Rest in Manaus or check out our optional excursions during the day and dine on the city that evening. Depart for the jungle on Oct. 29th.

Return to Manaus on November 5th; dine at the hotel or in the city as a group. Overnight in the hotel and depart early morning on Nov. 6th.


  • $6,500 per Angler 


  • Airport Transfers
  • 8 nights in the country
  • 6 full days of guided fly fishing
  • Hosts and Translators in Manaus
  • Single Occupancy with private bathroom on the Mothership
  • Single Occupancy hotel room in Manaus (Both on your way to and from the Mothership)
  • Round trip charter flight to Baracelos (where the Mothership is)
  • Global Rescue Insurance covers entire trip with Nomadic Waters


  • Airfare to Manaus
  • One lunch and one dinner in Manaus
  • Fly Fishing gear
  • Flies, terminal tackle
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities for staff and crew (10% of package price is recommended)
  • Gratuity for host in Manaus ($20 tip recommended)

Ready to Book Your Trip?

Give us a call at (303) 674-4700, or use this form to contact us. Our guide coordinator will contact you with more details and set you up for the trip of a lifetime.