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Scott Centric

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Introducing the new Centric series fly rods.

Scott put the feel in fast action rods. Now we’re taking it to the next level.

Cutting edge Centric series fly rods deliver new levels of stability, recovery speed, and range, while giving anglers tons of feedback through the easy flexing tip sections and highly transmissive blanks.

These are the most efficient rods Scott has ever created. High line speed, flat, stable loops are easily generated at any distance with minimal effort from the caster.

Apparent to anglers of any skill level, these rods feel very light in the hand, are insanely accurate, and are simply a joy to fish at any distance.

Ease of roll casts and mends is next level. The ability to control loop shape and line speed at any distance give anglers wide ranging versatility.

Centric rods combine new tapers and multi-modulus lay ups with a new resin system to increase fiber density and reduce weight, and they feature our new generation ARC reinforcement for greater stability along multiple axes. New custom rolling equipment allows us to control fiber placement and density with new levels of precision.

And just to top it all off, we designed new standard-setting componentry for Centric rods that redefine functionality, durability, and beauty.

Scott Centric rods are fit with Flor grade cork, new titanium stripping guides with super slick zirconia inserts, new low glare Snakebrand Universal snake guides, and a new fully milled reel seat featuring speed threads, easy grip knurling, self-indexing hoods, micarta inserts, a special Delrin lock washer, and type 3 flat black hard coat.

Centric rods are handcrafted in the USA from the finest materials.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Service Nightmare

It's a high-performing 9' 4wt, very light, powerful & well-built, as one would expect at a price pt near $1K. And I enjoyed fishing it for two summers after purchasing in Dec 2021 . . . certainly my most expensive rod, but not quite my favorite. (Hard to beat the 8'3" Burkheimer 3wt for what I like to do.) and if you handsome rods with gorgeous wood reel seats, Centric ain't yr rod. It's more Darth Vader's rod -- lethal unfinished black with red black widow wraps accents. But it does huck the line out there.

Early August '23 I cracked the ferrule of section above butt section -- slipped out in heavy rain. My fault. Confirmed with Scott via phone that I did indeed register rod within 30 days of purchase -- not sure what happens to someone who forgets, or if Scott has a bookkeeping error -- and sent back late August for what I expected to be a simple section replacement, possibly putting me back on water for my mid-Sept Sierra trip. Nope. Despite repeated emails requesting status & intended action w/o any meaningful response, got back at of end Sept -- 5 weeks.

And the reason was that Scott did not replace the section, but cut off about 3/16" of the visible crack at end of the ferrule & rewrapped. This was not acceptable to me -- a YouTube patch job. I contended that a lifetime warranty, for which I was paying $65 plus shipping for them to honor, should restore a $945 rod to factory specifications.

After including CEO Jim Bartschi on my repeated requests, Scott initially agreed to replace the section, paid shipping back to Montrose, CO, and this time they got it back to me in 2 wks. Good! But when I inspected the "new" section, it was the SAME LENGTH as the repaired one. Very bad! It seems they sent the same repaired section back to me . . . out of spite, I suppose. Still had 28.31" section when the norm is 28.50", with the rep now claiming that a section 0.19" shorter than normal was "within specification for a repaired rod." What? If the section is replaced, as they agreed, it shouldn't be considered "repaired," but factory spec.

These are not good people. And if you read their warranty, it's not that good either. Their conditional warranty doesn't cover damages incurred during shipment, so every time you send the rod back for repair or replacement (if yr lucky), YOU bear the risk.

Friends, before making a big spend on a premium rod, check out the warranty. Outfits like Winston & Douglas have unconditional lifetime warranties, and even a lot of companies selling econo-rods. Avoid Scott

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