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Whiting 1/2 Cape - Bronze Grade

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*NOTE: Pictures depict the actual capes we have in stock. These pictures are taken as soon as we receive the hackle, to give you confidence in ordering the exact color you need.*

Don't need a full cape? These half capes from Whiting are ideal for the dry fly tyer that may not need a full cape. Capes are always in super high demand by tyers all over. The reason being is that capes offer many different size feathers, from small feathers by the top of the cape (#20-#26), to bigger feathers towards the bottom of the cape (#12-#18).

If you are looking to tie several different patterns, it's hard to beat a cape for the variety of sizes you get in 1 cape! These half capes still have the same size variants on each pelt, just with half the number.

With the stiffest, most dense barb count on the supplest of quills, the Whiting's line of capes are the preferred choice of dry fly tiers around the world. The quality feathers from Whiting produce the best floating dry flies in the world!

Grading System

Whiting's Olympic Grading System

How is a pelt determined to be a bronze, silver, gold or platinum?

In summary, a few key elements determine the value of a pelt between bronze, to silver to gold. Factors such as useable feather length, uniformity of feather length, barb stiffness, size range in the entire pelt, stem condition, feather quantity, consistent coloration, and more are all looked at to determine grade. In all, there are more than 25 elements that are taken into consideration when grading a pelt. If a pelt is densely feathered, offers a wide size range and the feathers have long, usable dry fly portions, the pelt will grade out rather high, maybe even a gold or better.

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