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Pat's new patterns are here!

UPDATE 8/24: After briefly selling out, all of Pat's new fly patterns are now back in stock! 

Pat Dorsey's newest fly patterns are finally in The Blue Quill Angler's fly bins. These three patterns – Pat’s Midge, a Top Secret Baetis and a Soft Hackle Mercury Pheasant Tail – all have been tried and tested by Dorsey on Colorado's finicky tailwater trout. Add these patterns to your fly box soon!

About Pat’s Midge:

"Adult midges emerge by pulling themselves out of their pupal shuck and breaking through the surface film. As they emerge, the adult midge appears to be twice as long as the pupa because the trailing shuck is attached to the adult’s body. Close observation of emergence leads me to believe that as the adult struggles to free themselves from the pupal sheath, trout key heavily on this phase of development. Pat’s Midge was designed to imitate these midges with trailing shucks. Pat’s Midge is equally effective when it comes mimicking midges that never complete the emerging process. These ill-fated midges are known as cripples or stuck in the shuck midges."

-Pat Dorsey

Shop Pat's Midge (seen above) here.

About the Top Secret Baetis:

"The Top Secret Baetis is a simple, yet effective imposter of a tiny mayfly nymph. Trout eat Baetis nymphs year-round regardless of the conditions. The Top Secret Baetis is especially effective during the shoulder seasons when trout key heavily on mayfly nymphs prior to afternoon blue-winged olive hatches. Like its cousin the Top Secret Midge, I’m a huge believer in the “less is more” philosophy when it comes to fooling tough trout. The Top Secret Baetis has a slim profile, a hint of segmentation in the abdomen, life-like legs, and a dark wing pad which is an important feature when imitating the mature nymph."


Shop the Top Secret Baetis here.

About the Soft Hackle Mercury Pheasant Tail:

"The Soft Hackle Mercury Pheasant Tail is a nifty little soft hackle that mimics emerging mayflies during the height of a hatch. The soft hackle (partridge) and the fluffy peacock herl thorax breath life while the silver-lined glass bead adds a “dash of flash” that helps separate it from the crowd. The “mercury bead” mimics the highly reflective area of trapped gas in the thorax during emergence which becomes a “trigger” to nearby fish. The Soft Hackle Mercury Pheasant Tail can be fished underneath a strike indicator or presented down and across with traditional wet-fly tactics. The Soft Hackle Mercury Pheasant Tail is a nice addition to the Mercury series."


Shop the Soft Hackle Mercury Pheasant Tail here.

Shop all flies here.

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