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Pat Dorsey's UV Scud

From Pat: "Scuds are an important food source for tailwater trout. I recommend carrying olive and orange UV Scuds in sizes 14-16. The good news is that scuds are wanted “dead or alive” so you can’t have too many!"


UV Scud Recipe:

Hook: TMC 2457 14-16

Thread: Orange or olive 6/0 Danville

Tail/antennae: Orange or olive Antron

Rib: 4X mono (try UTC mono as an alternate)

Shellback: Zip Loc Bag (try Hareline's Scud Back as an alternate)

Body: Orange or olive UV Dubbing (try Wapsi's Sow-Scud Dubbing as an alternate)

Legs: Pull the dubbing down with a bodkin. Trim the legs so they are even with hook point.

Pat's UV Scud is featured in his most recent book, "Favorite Flies for Colorado: 50 Essential Patterns From Local Experts," which you can buy here.


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