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  • Umpqua

    Barr's Slump Buster


    As the name implies, when you are in a slump this is your go-to fly. Sinks quickly and has plenty of movement in the water. A great searching patte...

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  • Sale

    Bubble Gut Midge

    Original Price $2.25
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    The biot body makes for a natural segmentation. That combined with a mercury bead for a gas bubble and natural CDC for wings make this a delectable...

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    Ep Crab & Shrimp Eyes - ( HARELINE)


    Perfect Eyes for your crab, shrimp, and any other crustacean pattern. These are Mono Eyes, with painted epoxy ends.


    Jake's Soft Hackle Perdigon - ( FULLING MILL)


    Jake's Soft Hackle Perdigon is probably one of our favorite flies to fish year round. No matter the time of the year, this fly just oozes confidence.


    Juju Baetis - ( UMPQUA) - Blue Quill Angler


    A great Blue Wing Olive nymph that works well on just about all of our Colorado waters and any where else in the West we have fished it.


    Mallard Flank - ( HARELINE) - Blue Quill Angler


    The old stand-by for wings on dry flies, especially the classic Catskill dries. Also makes great tailing material and legs on nymphs. Great colors


    Natures Spirit Moose Body Hair


    Hand selected moose body hair patches (1 1/2 x 2"). Great for ribbed bodies or tailing materials.


    Ringneck Pheasant Center Tail Pairs


    With so many uses, these are a must have for any fly tyer. Great for nymphs, wing cases and legs on tons of patterns. Great colors.


    Natures Spirit Moose Mane


    Extremely long (up to 8") hair comes in various combinations of white, brown and black. The bleached mane ranges from white to ginger. Great for st...

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  • Umpqua

    Mole Midge


    Craven's Mole Midge is the dipteran version of the venerable Mole Fly, the greatest emerger pattern I have ever fished. Designed to hang the slim ...

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