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Colorado River Flies - Spring

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    Dorseys Mercury Flashback Black Beauty


    The new addition to Pat Dorsey's collection, this black beauty has a little added flash along the back that really produces fish.


    Kf Flasher


    A killer emerging midge or blue wing pattern. This fly is best described as an emerging black beauty and with the wing case, this fly attracts fish...

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  • Umpqua

    Mayer's Mini Leech


    Too many of today's leech patterns are too big for correct imitations. Landon's Mini Leech is the perfect sized imitation for most of the western U...

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    Mercury Blood Midge


    A classic pattern from Pat Dorsey, the Mercury Blood Midge is a great fly for the colder months and low water.


    Rainbow Warrior


    A great pattern that will work most of the year. This is a go-to pattern for our guides spring, summer and fall. Keep em' soaking.