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    Ep Crab & Shrimp Eyes - ( HARELINE)


    Perfect Eyes for your crab, shrimp, and any other crustacean pattern. These are Mono Eyes, with painted epoxy ends.


    Painted Lead Eyes - ( HARELINE)


    Perfect for tying Clouser Minnows or any other flies where you want to add weight and eyes. 10 per pack.

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    Mens Nano Puff Vest - ( Patagonia)

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    Sometimes shiver-proof protection comes in small packages—like Patagonia''s Nano Puff® Vest. It punches above its weight, trapping your heat with P...

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    Uni French Oval Tinsel - ( WAPSI)


    Great for ribbing Prince and Hares Ear nymphs. Super durable and will not fade or tarnish.


    Uni Mylar Tinsel - Silver/Gold


    A tinsel of two! One side is gold while the other is silver, allowing you to choose the color depending on your need.