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    Much unlike your Ex, this fly will stick with you through thick and thin. Great pattern for targeting carp.


    Barry's Carp Bitter #6


    The Barry's Carp Bitter was designed in hopes of imitating multiple food items on the carp's menu with one fly. This fly effectively imitates small...

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  • RIO

    Beard Louse #4


    The Beard Louse is the quintessential carp fly. While it is easy to add a dumbbell eye to a fly to ensure it rides hook point up, it took some ex...

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    Little Swimmer


    This is Montana Fly's Version of Chocklett's ever so popular Game Changer. It is a smaller version so it can be casted on 6 and 7 weights with ease...

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    Shaggin' Dragon


    If you favor casting for carp, then use a fly that mimics the fish's favorite—the dragonfly.