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  • Umpqua

    Game Changer


    Change the game with this crazy streamer - tie it on some heavy tippet or wire - can't afford to loose this one.  Sold in eaches.


    Man Bear Pig #6/0 - ( FULLING MILL)


    Earn impressive predatory strikes and thrilling catches with Cohen's Manbearpig streamer fly.

  • Umpqua

    Clouser Minnow


    Bob Clouser designed this fly back in 1987 and it is still one of the hottest flies ever to be made. This fly catches every single species of fish ...

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    Crease Fly - #1/0


    This fly has a very unique way it pushes water. As a topwater fly, you want to make a comotion when you are stripping and that is exactly what this...

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