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    Cone Heads - Brass


    The tapered head design is relatively snag free and offers little casting resistance. By using a brightly polished (gold, nickel, or copper plated)...

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    This is a thin flexible tinsel with marabou like action. Super popular as body and skirting material on many flies.


    Krystal Flash


    This is a great material for adding a little life to your flies. Add to tails of woolly buggers, underwings of caddis and stimulators as well as bo...

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    Utc Holographic Tinsel


    UTC Holographic Tinsel brightens up flashback nymphs. This is a bright 3-D holographic tinsel that is perfect for tinsel body streamers like the Bl...

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    Utc Ultra Wire


    Non-tarnishing copper wire used for ribbing, weight, flash, wire bodies and dubbing brushes.